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Skype Skype is the name of one of the most famous and powerful free software that supports the VOIP protocol, which allows you to make free voice calls with your friends over the Internet. Skype software uses Peer-to-Peer technology to connect to your personal computer to provide a messaging environment based on voice chat. Since the beginning, Skype has been famous for its superior voice service for communication, as well as sharing video images and other features like other messaging tools. By using Skype, you can have voice communication for free and only using your computer. Pay with your friends and acquaintances around the world. Skype supports many languages ​​and has made its popularity even higher by providing very cheap phone call service to different countries. Its high quality, its freeness all over the world and thousands of other features have separated it from its competitors and made it a good and useful application so that it is difficult to live without it anywhere in the world!

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
How to Download

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هاست دامنه vps

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