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Ubuntu is one of the Linux distributions that is based on Debian but differs from Debian in several ways. The name Ubuntu is derived from one of the South African concepts meaning “Humanity Towards Others”. One of the points of interest in the Ubuntu project is the emphasis on accessibility and globalization. For this reason, this software is available for all nationalities. It is very easy to work with and even unfamiliar users easily get used to its environment. All versions of Ubuntu are free forever. Ubuntu CDs are sent free to those who request them by mail. There is also a project called Ubuntu (Edubuntu), which, as its name suggests, is very suitable for use in classrooms and educational environments. Another project has been designed from this operating system called Kubuntu, which uses KDE Desktop.
The Ubuntu family includes the following:
Ubuntu Desktop
Ubuntu Server Edition
Ubuntu MID Edition
Features of Ubuntu:
Automatic security updates
Defense against viruses and malicious software
Has anti-phishing technology
File encryption
Password protection
Easy to use
Create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations
Compatible with Microsoft Office
Access emails, address book and calendar with Thunderbird
Manage email and chat accounts
Manage, edit and share your photos and videos
Great support for cameras and mobile phones

  • Ability to open and edit files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations and share them quickly and easily with other users
    Very nice user interface
    Access to thousands of free software with the topics of books and magazines, programming and development tools, education, fonts, games, graphics, internet, office, engineering and science, audio and video, system, shell and application and…
    Compatible with all types of devices
    Extremely high speed and security
    High speed and security in browsing the Internet
    Support for different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
    Play, create and edit MP3, play music on computer or mobile
    And …
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