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Debian is a free and open source operating system for your computer. An operating system is a set of basic and auxiliary software that runs your computer. Debian is more than a raw operating system. Debian comes with more than 51,000 packages, compiled software that is prepared in a very convenient format and easy to install on your system. One of the fundamental provisions of this project is that all manufactured products must be free. Free software is software that can be used freely and without restrictions for any purpose, studied and reviewed, and changed.
Also, copying or redistributing (either without changes or with changes in the software) freely and without restrictions or with very little restrictions (only to ensure that the subsequent recipients of the software also benefit from these freedoms or hardware manufacturers which deals with consumer hardware to allow users to make changes to their hardware).
It should be noted that Debian is an original distribution and many other Linux distributions have been adapted from it, such as: Ubuntu

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