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Net Monitor for Employees Professional

Net Monitor for Employees is a software that allows you to view the screens of computers connected to the network. In this way, you can find out what the employees or those who use the network computers are doing. One of the special features of Net Monitor for Employees is the possibility of remote recording of these screens even if you are not monitoring them or if your employees need to view a structure by you, you can show them your monitor screen remotely. Help them out. Net Monitor for Employees software can also be used to control students in a classroom or teach a group of students or employees by displaying the contents of your screen to them.
Features of Net Monitor for Employees Professional software
Display a live image from the destination computer
The possibility of taking control of the destination computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard
Display multiple pages of destination computers in one table
Manage computers in a group such as classrooms
Enlarge the destination computer screen to its actual size
Display the name of the connected user
Locking workstations
Record video of the destination computer screen in AVI file format
Display the source desktop to the destination computers
Shut down, restart, hibernate or suspend destination computers
Log off desktop users
Support for multiple monitors
Screen saver control
Internet blocking
No need for high bandwidth
Control of running processes
Ability to lock destination computers
Display a message on desired computers
And …

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
How to Download

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