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FxSound Enhancer

FxSound Enhancer ( DFX Audio Enhancer ) increases and enhances the sound quality of music, videos, games and other programs. You can simply turn on FxSound Enhancer software and enjoy HD sound quality. FxSound Enhancer is actually a practical plugin by which you can listen and enjoy all your music and sounds with the highest quality and power. One of the features of FxSound Enhancer software is the use of 3D sound. By using 3D surround sound, you can give a special surprise to the broadcast. With 3D processing, you will practically feel yourself in the music performance environment. The Dynamic Boost setting boosts the loudness of the sound.
By using Dynamic Boost, your sound system will be doubled without losing quality and by minimizing waves.
Features of FxSound Enhancer software
Ability to backup and restore personal templates
Ability to support all media players
Optimizing the sound of speakers and headphones
Processing power of audio modes
It has beautiful skins
10 bands of sound spectrum analysis
Surround sound support
Advanced search DSP sound enhancement
Backup and restore presets
Save space with mini interface mode
And …
Description :
The old name of this software was DFX Audio Enhancer.

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
How to Download

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