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Yeah Bunny

Yeah Bunny 2 – Playful Rabbit 2, which is the second title of the Yeah Bunny game series by the Polish game maker Adrian Zarzycki, was produced and released for free for the Android operating system after the success of the first part and the popularity it gained. In this beautiful game published in the style of action and adventure, you enter the role of a playful rabbit in a beautiful and colorful world inhabited by cute and small creatures. The very simple style of the Yeah Bunny 2 game is called “one finger gameplay” among the styles of arcade games, and it is very easy and hassle-free to play. In fact, your main task is to tap the screen to jump over the obstacles. You can have higher jumps by hitting twice. In this way, the character of the game, this playful rabbit, has passed the stages and moved forward. You can destroy enemies by jumping on them. Your story and main goal in this game is to save innocent little chickens who were taken captive by a big evil pig. You have to jump on it and free the oppressed chickens before the cage goes out of the frame, wherever you see the cages of these chickens during the stages and become the hero rabbit! The beautiful and classic designs of the game, which are modeled after retro and pixel games, have created an interesting shape and image for the game, which gives you the feeling of playing a nostalgic and old game. On the other hand, this beautiful graphic is accompanied by fresh colors and there are many visual effects in it. Also, another interesting feature of the game is the existence of cutscenes between stages. Along the way you need to increase your score by collecting coins, stars and carrots.
Some features of Yeah Bunny 2 Android game:
Interesting and spectacular 8-bit graphics
Retro and classic designs
Very simple but fun gameplay
It has an interesting and heroic storyline
Play as a playful and cute rabbit
Ability to run, jump over obstacles and climb walls
The existence of 7 cute and interesting worlds
It has 50 stages
The presence of dangerous bosses among the enemies
Small volume and usable on mid-range devices
The possibility of discovering new lands and various hidden items
Interesting and lovely 8-bit sounds and music

Required system

Android 5.0+

How to Download

Download tutorial

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