QR & Barcode Scanner PRO 2.5.35 – Android mobile barcode scanner app

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QR & Barcode Scanner PRO

In today’s world, everyone and everything has a characteristic, just like in our country or the whole world, everyone has an identification card, goods and objects must also have an identifier to show their authenticity, this identifier for goods is called a barcode. In the last decade, over time, regular barcodes have been used less and QR codes have become common, which contain a lot of information! QR & Barcode Scanner PRO program helps Android users to scan barcodes with high accuracy and extract their information accurately. Everything is very easy and to use the software, you only need to activate the application and place your camera on the barcode without any additional work to receive its information! Information such as address, product site link, contact number, manufacturer’s email, etc. is stored in each barcode, which you can have full access to. In addition to the mentioned uses, QR & Barcode Scanner PRO can be used to confirm the authenticity of goods in different stores and to know the real price of goods!

Required system

Android 4.4

How to Download

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