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Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender Total Security is a powerful software that contains almost everything necessary to establish security; It will work much faster than the previous version, and this is due to the optimization of many things in the software, which will satisfy more users. Higher security due to the presence of three filters for scanning the system has provided the possibility that if a malicious file wants to cause problems to the system, it must go through these three steps, which is almost impossible. In the new version, Bitdefender Total Security has made it easy to use all parts of the software due to the presence of a new user environment and a system defined for 4 different types of users.
Complete control over the performance of children at home and employees at work has made it possible to control any part of the system and, if necessary, disable it. A total of 13 functions have been defined for Bitdefender security packages. Bitdefender Total Security is the only one that includes all these features. Anti-virus, firewall, anti-spy, anti-spam and powerful anti-attacks are located in the security section of the sites, which can provide maximum security both online and offline. With these 5 features, the user will be safe from any malicious files.
Features BitDefender Total Security
Ultimate antivirus and antispyware power
Your privacy guard on Facebook and Twitter
Protect against ID theft
Anti-theft guard for laptop
Internet connection protection (firewall)
Optimizing computer speed and efficiency
Fast updates
Continuous scanning but fast and optimized compared to the previous version
Three complete steps to prevent malicious files from entering the system
Using the latest technologies in identifying malicious files
4 complete sets of software that are placed together to establish security
High security in the network
Powerful firewall
Suitable for laptops to reduce battery consumption
The most complete tool available and provided by Bitdefender
And …

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
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