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Westland Survival - Be a survivor in the Wild West

dollars; Gold seekers have gone to Klondike and Yukon to find gold mines, and of course the deserts and plains of Texas and New Mexico. You were one of these gold seekers who were unfortunately attacked by bandits and the only one who survived them. It was you at the door! After this happens, you are filled with rage and hatred towards the bandits who attacked your carriage and will not rest until you hang them or shoot them down from the horse. take Where do you think you should start?! Create a shelter for yourself by collecting wood and other materials and then build a slingshot and with the help of the iron ore around you, make horseshoes and sell them and survive so that you can take your revenge!
As you know, the market of survival style games is very hot these days, there are not many games in this style for mobile phones, but players who love this style have always been looking for the best and if we want some prominent titles in this field We will be able to introduce games such as Last Day on Earth: Survival or State of Survival, which have been well received, but this page is related to the game Westland Survival – Survival in the Wild West, and here we must say that this The game can be considered as the famous game of the last day of the earth, which will bring you a different experience from the survival style games with the wonderful graphics along with the story and the unique environment of the horror west. Your main goal in the game is to save yourself in the wild west, you as a player must do a variety of tasks related to finding special items for construction, fighting the surrounding creatures and trying to progress in order to reach the goal. you have arrived If you are a fan of survival style games and would like to experience a special game in this genre at any time and place, this online title will undoubtedly attract your attention and is worth trying and experiencing.

Required system

Android 6.0+

How to Download

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