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State of Survival

State of Survival – State of Survival is a fun and beautiful game in the style of strategic games and it was released for free with in-app purchases by the American studio KingsGroup Holdings for the Android operating system. We also decided to prepare the latest official update at your request and prepare it for free and direct download. This game is adapted from works such as comic books or famous movies and series about the apocalypse of zombies, especially The Walking Dead series. Like the games or series of the walking dead, where almost all of its content was about characterizations, in the game State of Survival we also see many characterizations. According to the story of the game, the world is involved in a deadly virus that turns humans into zombies and deadly creatures. Now 6 months have passed since this terrible event and almost the entire population of the planet except for a small amount of humans has been infected with this virus and now the world is under the occupation of zombies! There are no government agencies or military forces that want to help humans. You are among the lucky few who have not yet been transformed into these creatures. Humans who have survived have found each other and created an area called survival state in which to ensure the safety of each other’s lives. But there are other people who do not want to cooperate with you and your group. Some of them are self-absorbed, but many others are survivors who are just trying to survive. That’s why they are even worse than zombies and will stop at nothing to kill and loot your resources!
In the game State of Survival, you step into a new world. A world where there is no joy and everything has been destroyed by this virus. But there is no time to despair because there is still a way to live in this world. Food resources and materials necessary for life are very limited, but you have to find and collect them before the hands of competitors and enemies reach them. In a strategic gameplay, you have to build a base and manage it with your own forces. You can cooperate with other survivors or fight with other groups. In the meantime, watch out for zombies because there are a huge flood of them around you. By finding and using various resources, you can create new things and have useful items at your disposal. Your main mission is to save the lives of survivors who can be part of your group. In State of Survival, there is also an interesting section as a research section where you can research the virus and disease to discover solutions to combat it. All in all, it must be said that in the survival state game you have to build a new and small civilization and do not let humanity be destroyed by a deadly virus. There are many enemies and friends in this path that you have to interact with well. The State of Survival game has received an acceptable score in terms of graphics and designs. The style of the game is strategic and its view is from the third person mode. You can explore this harsh world to discover resources, build and manage your base, or participate in tactical battles with zombies or other humans.

Required system

Android 5.0+

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