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Adobe Muse CC Muse is a powerful and very efficient website design software that allows designers to design web pages without coding. The user interface of Adobe Muse CC software is very similar to Flash Catalyst. It has also been said that its development environment will not be unfamiliar to InDesign users, this software actually includes many of the features of Adobe’s previous software such as InDesign and Illustrator, and users who have used these softwares before can easily Use fresh produce. The user interface of Adobe Muse CC software is very similar to other software made by Adobe, especially Photoshop, and people who are familiar with this software can quickly take advantage of its features to design interactive websites with various multimedia features.
Muse software is divided into four different sections, which are described below:
Planning: In this section, you specify the site pages, main page and site map. This section specifies the relationship between the pages and their interaction. Also, the page size is adjusted in this section.
Design: Here you start designing the website. You can use the images, text, video and other elements you see on websites here to design your site. The facilities in this section are very interesting. All kinds of animations, menus, sliders, tabs and other graphical user interface design elements are available. You can also use the ability to float elements in the design. Just drag and drop whatever you want on the screen with the mouse.
Preview: In this section, you will see a preview of the site you have designed with all the moving and visual elements.
Publish: And at the end of this section, you can publish your site on the web and receive what you have visually designed as web pages and with the code.

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