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Enpass Password Manager is a very practical and security application for the Android operating system that can be used to protect your passwords in a secure environment. You no longer need to remember a large number of passwords for different accounts, and you can protect your passwords and other information in a single environment with the same password. With its expansion in the virtual space and gaining popularity, this application has Mac, Windows and Linux versions that you can synchronize its Android version with Windows versions and access all your passwords anywhere and with any operating system. had You don’t need to register to use it and you can easily enter your important information. By using Enpass Password Manager, when you log in to sites where you have saved your username and password, the information fields are filled in automatically and you only need to touch the Word button and log in to your account. . In addition, there is an intelligent system for creating strong passwords with different characters, which will multiply the security of your passwords.
Some features and capabilities of Enpass Password Manager Android program:
Publishing free versions of Windows, Mac and Linux
Automatic entry of information in fields when entering saved sites
A wide range of options to protect your important information in addition to passwords
Password protection with a password or pin code (fingerprint support in Android +6.0)
Ability to backup all information
Protection of all information in a uniform environment with military security grade
The ability to categorize input information into different groups
Powerful generator for generating difficult passwords
Information synchronization with Mac, Windows and Linux versions

Required system

Android 5.0

How to Download

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