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Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight – Dead by Daylight is the title of the most attractive, popular and well-made online survival horror game, which was first released by the Canadian company Behavior Interactive in 2016 for the PC platform. It was released through the Steam store) and a year later it was also presented for the 8th generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. In 2019, the reconstructed version of this game was released for portable gaming devices and mobile operating systems as a test, and at the end of 2019, the final version of the game was finally released. After many reviews and preparation of a safe and final version, daramesh releases this game for free and tested to your loved ones so that you can receive it safely and it is one of the most action and exciting games in history. Experience! When the developer of the game announced the creation of the Android version of Dead by Daylight, millions of mobile players, including Iranian gamers, were waiting for the release of this game, and that is why this title has been one of the most controversial and anticipated games in recent years. This game is even so attractive and special that it is considered the founder of this type of games and very quickly became a global trend and a model for other games such as Identity V, Deadrite Hunt and Horrorfield. The mobile version of Dead by Daylight is produced and developed with the same features of the original version and with eye-catching graphics that can provide you with an indescribable experience. In Dead by Daylight, which is completely online, you participate in 5-player competitions. These 5 people include 4 teammates (Survivors) and 1 person (Killer). Before starting the game, you can decide whether you will enter the game as a killer or be one of the 4 survivors. Also, before you want to start the game, you can choose your desired character from among the different characters in both groups. Then you can enter the game and do your own mission. If you are among the survivors, you have to pave your way to escape by repairing power generators and finding special items, and if you are a killer, you have to find the survivors and after killing them, take them to a place called Sacrificial Hook. or take it to the place of sacrifice.
Some features of Dead by Daylight Android:
Excellent graphics with a professional look similar to console games
3D and detailed designs of characters, environment, etc
Smooth, natural and very attractive gameplay in the style of action / horror and survival
The possibility of playing a role as one of the characters of the group of survivors (Survivors)
The possibility of playing the role of a killer from the group of killers.
The presence of dozens of characters in each of the groups with completely unique appearance and capabilities
The possibility of advanced personalization of characters and the use of various clothes
The ability to buy and use side items, separate skills, etc
Existence of different and very exciting maps
Ability to do team work, save teammates and help advance missions
The presence of various group missions for survivors (finding and repairing generators, etc.)
Third person view for survivors and first person view for killers
The possibility of using multiple features during the game, such as hiding in different places or moving slowly and without noise
Very exciting and action soundtrack
The possibility of making various changes in the settings section, including reducing or increasing graphics
Ability to run at a rate of 60 frames per second and experience a dynamic gameplay
Optimized for flagship mobiles and tablets

Required system

Android 7.0+

How to Download

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