SoundHound Music Search 10.1.3 – Android Music Identification App + Mode

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SoundHound Music Search application provides you with a pure and fresh experience and that is searching and finding different music in the internet world. The way this program works is that you run it first, then the program analyzes the sounds around you and finds out what music is being played, in this way you can get complete information about its owner. Get the effect. SoundHound Music Search is useful when you hear a song and want to know who the singer is. Another thing that applies to this interesting application is that even by whispering the text of the desired song, you can get complete information about it, and in this way, you can read only a few pieces of the text of the desired music. Download or buy it. Note that this program is compatible with English language and it is not a suitable option for finding world music.
Key features of SoundHound Music Search:
Add to Spotify or Rdio playlist
Listen to the full song
Displaying poetry at the same time as playing music
Photos of artists and their biographies
Display album release date and group information
Watching music videos, choose your favorite music videos or watch one of the available ones
Playing demo songs and reviewing albums
Share favorite music on Facebook and Twitter
Compatible and usable in Spotify, Rdio, Pandora or Google Play Radio programs
Buy songs or albums in the shortest time through Google Play
Check out the hottest and latest music of the day
Show the singers whose birthday it is
Display charts of growing or very popular music
Discover local music, areas around you
Similar artists and album recommendations to you
History and show your previous searches

Required system

Android 5.0+

How to Download

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