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AZ Screen Recorder – Video Recorder, Livestream is the best and most complete Android screen recording program, the full version of which is in front of you. Perhaps, AZ Screen Recorder can be considered the most complete video recording program from the screen of Lollipop Android devices (Android 5+), which has been released by Hecorat for free, with in-network payment in Google Market. This application can record videos of your smartphone screen in high quality without any time limit without needing any root access. One of the unique features of this program, which has earned the trust of more than 10 million users, is the ability to record videos without any errors and with different qualities! Easily record your Full HD training videos and stop it if you encounter any problems to continue recording the desired video at another time. The existing intelligent sound recording system can help you in recording educational videos; Just like a professional program, you can mix the surrounding sounds with the sound of the file running on the Android phone; For example, when recording a video, play a music file from the screen and simultaneously record your voice through the microphone so that both of them are on your recorded video! The touch recording system is also a part of the efficient tool of AZ Screen Recorder, and by means of it, users can see the points you touch in the training videos.
Some features of AZ Screen Recorder Android program:
Record video from the screen with different qualities
Ability to adjust the frame rate of video files
Front camera support when recording video from the screen and placing the camera image on it
Not having any restrictions when recording
The ability to mix the background sound of the Android device with the sound of the microphone at the same time
Ability to edit recorded video files
Putting all kinds of stickers and text on files
Countdown timer for recording training videos
Intelligent display system for touching different points of the screen
The ability to put a live watermark on the videos being recorded
No need for root access
Great possibility of video streaming for gamers

Required system

Android 5.0+

How to Download

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