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Xenowerk Tactics

Xenowerk Tactics – Xenowerk Tactics is a spin-off and a sequel to the famous action game Xenowerk, this time produced and released in a strategic and tactical style. Like the original game, this game was developed by the Swedish studio Pixelbite and released for free (limited). If users want to have the full version of the game, they should buy it from within the game and get the game unlocked and complete.  The most famous works published by Pixelbite include the Space Marshals and Space Marshals 2 series of games. Xenowerk Tactics game has a very interesting story content. In this game, you are in the role of the commander of a special emergency team that after an unknown and deadly disaster occurred in a laboratory located in a part of the North Pole, you are sent to this area to investigate the emergency situation and solve its problems. Fix it as soon as possible. This large laboratory was severely damaged after this accident, and the radioactive and dangerous materials inside it leaked out after a terrible explosion. This issue causes the radius of kilometers from the location of this laboratory to be contaminated with dangerous substances, and being in these areas without the necessary equipment will cause death.
In the game Xenowerk Tactics, you have to visit this area in a strategic and tactical game with the leadership of your group and discover a way to prevent this from happening. But you have to be very careful because many mutant creatures have been seen around this area, which have turned into big, wild and dangerous creatures due to these contaminations. When you and your team arrive, you find that the situation is much worse than what was reported. But when you realize this, it’s too late to go back and ask for help! Now it is you who must manage this dangerous and very difficult situation by relying on your own abilities and capabilities. That’s why you have to go to different places such as different parts of this big laboratory, dense forests, dangerous swamps, factories and shelters and collect resources as much as you can. You must be ready to face the worst threats at any moment and prepare your weapons to deal with mutant creatures. One of your most important tasks is to collect enough information about this incident and secure the specified points. During the stages of the game, these points are shown to you, and you have to clear and secure these areas during missions. The style of the game is strategic-action and its view is from above and in the third person. Management and strategic skills are essential to win in Xenowerk Tactics. So you have to provide the necessary items in this game with a suitable combination. You can download the latest full version of Zenwork Tactics from Daramesh now as tested and free. Please note the prerequisites of the game. This game can only be installed on devices with Android 7.0 and above.
Note: In the mod version of the game, your money is infinite; In the initial run, you must click on “Continue playing” – in the initial run, if the Google account is opened, do not click OK, click in the empty space of the page or press the back button and log in without any problems!

Required system

Android 7.0+

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