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Symantec Ghost Boot CD is a useful software for creating and restoring backup images of the entire hard disk, partitions or individual folders. Even if everything on the system seems to be broken, you can restore your system using the Symantec Ghost Boot CD program. With this software, you can backup your entire system and restore everything in case of hard disk failure or major problems in the system. The ability to save backup files in all types of memory such as CDs and DVDs, external hard drives or Iomega Zip and Jazz disks is available in this program. You can perform the backup incrementally, that is, the backup file is prepared only from the files that have changed since the previous backup.
Symantec Ghost Boot CD software is a great option for quick system backup and restore. With a backup, you can preserve or restore your important information stored on your computer. This software can create a complete backup file of the system so that in case of hard disk failure or inability to enter the operating system, you can continue your work without losing information.
The file format is ISO and must be run on CD or USB.

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