Pepakura Designer 5.0.9 Design and make 2D model from 3D design

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Pepakura Designer

Pepakura Designer is one of the design software that has been released with an emphasis on making 2D patterns from the opened 3D model. Therefore, by using the Pepakura Designer program, you will be able to easily make paper patterns from models produced through 3D graphic programs. In fact, you can design your 3D model using 3DCG software and then enter the resulting model into Pepakura Designer to obtain its construction pattern and save or print it. In addition, there are 3D models in the program that you can use to make your designs. This software can be used to make professional models, boxes, etc., and turn any complex shape into a set of cuts and folds that can be made by paper.
Features of Pepakura Designer software
Automatic creation of an unfolded paper pattern from a 3D model
Ability to cut, move, rotate, delete and add parts of the template
Place text and image in the template
Support for 3D CG data formats
Ability to print and share patterns
And …

Required system

Windows 8/10/11

How to Download

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هاست دامنه vps

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