Chrome Canary 111.0.5504.0 – Yellow Chrome web browser in development for Android

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Chrome Canary

When Google Chrome released its first version to users in 2008, Firefox and Safari were the two most used and unrivaled browsers for more than 10 years. Google Chrome entered this field with the aim of completely transforming the way of browsing the web and making it easier and more efficient as many internet browsers as possible. Today, Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used browser in the world and is used by billions of people. The Android version of Google Chrome is installed by default on all Android devices and meets all the needs of users. One of the reasons for the constant progress and forwardness of Google Chrome is Google’s emphasis on using the latest technologies. Google has always tried to keep Chrome as the most advanced browser. To achieve this goal, Google extensively uses information about how users use Chrome and tries to improve the browser in the next updates. Before any changes are applied in Chrome, it is necessary that Google once again and this time ask IT experts and enthusiasts about these changes and if they are sure of the usefulness of that change, they will decide to apply it in the version Chrome will act next. Google has introduced the Yellow Chrome application for this purpose. Chrome Canary (Unstable) Android is a developing and unstable browser for testing the next features and facilities of the Google Chrome browser for the Android operating system, which was developed by the Google LLC software group and published for free on Google Play. All the features and facilities that Google wants to apply to the Chrome browser are first applied to Yellow Chrome and ask interested users who have downloaded Yellow Chrome about the usefulness of that feature. If the received feedback is positive, the features will be added to the main Chrome browser. Note that this program is a test browser and is always developing, so that it may receive several updates during a week, which will consume a lot of internet. So if you are really interested in the development of Google Chrome and help in this way, install this program.

Required system

Android 7.0+

How to Download

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