Granny’s house 2.5.501 – Arcade-horror game “Grandma’s house” for Android

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Granny's house

Granny’s House: Pursuit and Survival is a popular and exciting game in the style of arcade games from the studio Update Games for Android devices, which is released for free, and at your request, the latest update is in front of you. First, we translate the general story of the game as follows from the language of the game developer: “There was a rumor that a strange old man is wandering around an abandoned house and his job is to kidnap children! Dorothy is trapped in this house by this old man and now you have to help her escape from this house! can you?!” Unlike similar games that have one or eventually two different modes to entertain you and certainly become repetitive after a day or two, the new game Granny’s House: Pursuit and Survival has come to have several different modes and a huge range of stages. It will hook you to a wonderful arcade-horror game and guarantee you that its gameplay will not be repeated for you! In this game, you can choose one of the different game modes, such as Escape, Survivor, or Granny, and enter into an exciting adventure. In addition to the single-player modes, it is possible to play multiplayer with friends or online users from all over the world! Just choose a mode and enter a great adventure! The game’s touch controllers allow you to guide the main character in the best possible way. If you are a fan of horror games, without a doubt, Yipesh’s game with a third-person gameplay will attract your attention and is worth trying.

Required system

Android 4.4+

How to Download

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