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Runaway Toad


Runaway Toad is the name of a very fun and attractive game from the Thai studio Shini Co. It is in the style of arcade and platformer, which is made and designed for free. This game is adapted from the old story of Princess and the Frog, and its story is almost the same as what we have seen in the book and animation of this game. Of course, the main focus of the story in this game is a little different. In Runaway Toad, this time it is not a toad, but the main character of the game is a toad. By making interesting changes to the original and classic story, Runaway Toad has exciting content. The story of the game is about a young princess who lives in a tower-like and long palace. This princess heard from a witch that if she found the toads in the marsh next to the palace and kissed them, she might be able to meet the man of her dreams. In fact, the prince’s way of thinking is that one of these toads, who used to be a human, has now turned into a toad, and with the prince’s kiss, he will turn into a human again. For this reason, the princess of the story sends her owl to hunt these toads so that she can catch them and bring them to the prince. You are in the role of one of these toads who has no desire for these events. The main character of the game, a toad that you are going to control, does not like to become a human and all he wants is to live freely as a toad. So he has no choice but to run away!

Required system

Android 4.4

How to Download

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هاست دامنه vps

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