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2ndLine – Second Phone Number

It has been a long time since phones with two SIM cards and even more than two SIM cards are available in the market. At first, when these phones were released to the market, they were very well received and supporting more than one SIM card was considered one of the important features of the phone. But now the situation has changed and the quality of services of a SIM card has become so good that using one SIM card is enough and many people are no longer interested in buying phones with two SIM cards. However, some may still need to have a second number. In this case, using a virtual number is a great solution. The virtual number does not need to have a real SIM card and only needs to install an application. If you need to have a virtual number, don’t miss the program that we introduce today at Daramesh. 2ndLine – Second Phone Number is an excellent application for accessing American and Canadian virtual numbers on the phone and making calls and sending SMS with it, for the Android operating system, developed by the TextNow, Inc. software group. Developed and published for free on Google Play. If you are looking to work with international companies and do not want to use your Iranian number, or if you need a virtual number for reasons such as registering on social networks, etc., we recommend this program. With this program, in addition to the usual features of the SIM card, such as calling and sending SMS, you will also have access to advanced features such as redirecting calls to the main number and sending files.
Some features and capabilities of the 2ndLine – Second Phone Number Android program:
Make and receive voice calls
Emoji, sticker and gif support
Ability to send and receive images
The ability to receive the text of voice messages
Display caller information before answering the call
Ability to encrypt and lock your SMS
Google SmartLock: No need to remember passwords
Assign a unique ringtone and background for each contact
Ability to transfer calls to another number
Ability to add your signature to any text
Customizable backgrounds
Quick reply to friends
Send and receive text messages

Required system

Android 7.0+

How to Download

Download tutorial

هاست دامنه vps

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