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Aprikola Shapeless Icon Pack

It is said that an average user unlocks his phone more than 50 times a day and uses its features. Maybe this number seems very high and unrealistic at first glance, but with a little reflection on the amount of features and capabilities of today’s phones, such as social networks, messengers, various games, etc. Even this figure will seem less than the real one. Due to this high use of the phone, it is very likely that the user is tired of the appearance of his phone and seeks to change it. Fortunately, the Android operating system is made in such a way that it can be easily customized and different parts of the user interface can be changed. In making Android, the goal of designers has been to facilitate access to different parts of the phone, and for this, easy access to programs has been chosen as the main goal. Therefore, in different parts of Android, such as the home screen, the notification panel, the program menu, etc. We can see the program icon. Due to the abundant use of icons in the user interface, a large part of the appearance of the operating system is dedicated to icons, and this means that if we change the icons, we can change the appearance of the Android operating system as a whole. . To change the icons, there is no need to root the device or use complicated methods. All you need is a launcher and an icon pack to do this. Launchers provide the ability to apply icon packs, and icon packs also contain alternative icons. So far, we have presented many icon packs in Daramesh and today we are at your service with another beautiful icon pack. Aprikola Shapeless Icon Pack (Early Access) is a shapeless icon pack with a stunning design and the use of attractive and eye-catching colors, developed by Duke Design and published on Google Play at a price of $0.99. All the icons in this collection have been designed with great care and time to have the best quality. The designs have been made according to the latest software design trends, and as much as possible, the icons have been tried to be simple and minimal.

Required system

Android 4.1+

How to Download

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هاست دامنه vps

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