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Watch Dogs game was developed and designed by Ubisoft for personal computers. This game is the first version of the Watch Dogs game series, which has many fans and is very popular. The story of the game takes place in 2003 in America. During an accident, anarchy and disorder arise all over America and the peace and order of the people is in great danger. This happened by a hacker named Raymond Kenney, who disrupted the entire American management system by releasing a virus. In this chaotic situation, the normal life of people is disrupted and the electricity of a large number of Chicago residents is cut off. There are also mysterious murders that prompt the government to act as quickly as possible. The hero of our story is a character named Aiden, whose family has become a victim of this chaotic situation, and he rises to save people and avenge his family. Since the government authorities have turned the city monitoring system into a pure computer system to fix this situation, and now despite the dissatisfaction of the people of the city, this system is working, and Aiden is the only way to terminate this system. He knows hacking because he is a hacker!! Aiden’s goal is to disable this system.

Installation guide

First, put all the downloaded files in a folder. Then extract the files. Enter the extracted folder and install the game using the setup.exe file. After completing the installation process, run the game.

Required system

How to Download

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