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Windows Spy Blocker

Windows Spy Blocker 4.39.0 is the name of a free and open source software to prevent spying activities in the Windows operating system. This software, by defining a set of new rules, closes many ways of spying in Windows so that the privacy of users is provided to the highest possible extent in Windows. Nowadays, many malware and spy tools enter the user’s system using specific and well-known methods. If you are one of the users who are always concerned about the privacy of your activities, we suggest you to close the intrusion methods with the help of this program forever!
This software, by applying security changes to the Windows firewall and NCSI section, prevents many common intrusion methods for spying on the Windows operating system, thus the user always provides a safe and reliable environment in his system for activity. Now you can download the latest version of Windows Spy Blocker software from Daramesh website.

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