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One of the most popular services available in cyberspace and the Internet is the email service, which allows users to send all kinds of files and documents. However, there are many e-mails that never reach their destination due to the lack of necessary standards, or are considered malicious by the servers and are not sent, or are considered as spam. Atomic Email Verifier is a practical software to solve the problem of not sending emails, which checks their validity in different ways in order to multiply the possibility of receiving them by the destination. This program increases the probability of receiving emails by deleting email addresses that no longer exist, checking standard spelling rules for email addresses, connecting to the SMTP server and checking the existence of the email address, and checking the Facebook account that is set up with a specific address. increases significantly. You can also create output from the list of emails in the form of doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx or Outlook address book files and save them.
Key features of Atomic Email Verifier software:

  • Increasing the rate of email reception by the destination by validating it
  • You have three steps for validation, including verifying the correctness of the name, domain and email existence
  • Display the status of emails
  • The ability to import or extract a list of emails
  • Simple and practical user interface
  • And …
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