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دانلود نسخه کامل Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 - نرم افزار ارائه ی خدمات نرم افزار های اجاره ای، اشتراک منابع سازمانی و پردازش ابری

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sharepoint-server 2016
sharepoint-server 2016

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a powerful software for storing, maintaining and publishing information and documents in the network environment (sharing of information and organizational resources) which is currently very popular among government organizations and has a lot of audience. Many people want to learn this new and efficient technology, SharePoint can also be used as the main infrastructure for the implementation of organizational portals. With the help of this software, you can implement many different solutions in the fields of working groups, document management, notification, office automation, application software, etc. However, before SharePoint can be effectively used as such an infrastructure in organizations, it is necessary to formulate a suitable strategy, install this software in a proper way, and provide preliminary training and culture.
Description :
Mount the iso file using the virtual drive creation software.

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