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Lose Weight App for Women - Workout at Home

Overweight is one of the problems that many women face; There are two different ways to lose weight definitively, one of them is having a proper diet and the other is having discipline in exercise. It is usually seen that many people don’t have enough time to do exercises due to their busy work, that’s why we plan to introduce you to extremely practical exercises to lose weight in just thirty days. Lose Weight App for Women – Workout at Home Full is an effective and real weight loss app for women for Android tablets and phones, developed by Leap Fitness Group and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the name of the program, this software is a wonderful app for women that helps them achieve an ideal body. To lose weight, it is enough to spend 2 to 7 minutes of your time doing exercises every day to see a muscular body in a short time. Exercises do not require sports equipment and all of them can be done at home. Usually, overweight women are seen in the form of fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs and arms, and the high-pressure HIIT exercises that are available cause these fats to disappear in one go. To get a better result, monitor your progress and make the most of the guide animations.
Some features and capabilities of the Lose Weight App for Women – Workout at Home Android program:
Weight loss for women in only thirty days by doing exercises at home
Not needing any special sports equipment to do the exercises
Four different levels based on your training history
Super HIIT exercises for equal fat burning in all organs
Customize your daily workouts
Applying pressure on different organs to build muscle while burning fat
Smart reminder for forgetting to do exercises
Guide animations to do the exercises as correctly as possible
Data synchronization with the Google Fit app
Track progress and weight loss
Automatic increase of exercise intensity over time

Required system

Android 4.4+

How to Download

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