Download Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86/x64 Integrated January 2022 – Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1, along with the latest updates

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Windows 7 is an operating system from the Microsoft Windows series that was released on October 22, 2009. Windows 7 is produced for use in personal computers, including home and office types. This operating system is the seventh generation of Windows operating systems, and for this reason it is named Windows 7.
Among the features of this version, which are more interesting, can be mentioned the support for multi-touch functionality, the redesigned Window Shell, the taskbar and a home network system called the home group. Also, according to Microsoft officials, Windows 7 is an upgraded and optimized version. It is Windows Vista.
Key features of Windows 7:
Advances in touch and handwriting recognition
Virtual Hard Disk support
Improved performance in multi-core processors and improved operating system kernel
Added Windows PowerShell functionality
Redesigning the calculator with multi-line support and the ability to convert units
Screen color measurement
Pin applications to the Taskbar
A new security center
Direct playback of audio and video files from another computer
Sharing operations in home networks
A new way to view audio and video files
Step by step recorder of problems
Better user interface for peripheral devices connected to the computer
A quick and easy way to set up multiple screens
Sort windows on the page in a new way
Introducing the exclusive package for PC download:
The package in front of you is a customized version of Windows 7 that is tailored to the needs of users and in order to save their time and money, prepared by the PC Download team, which briefly includes the following features.
1. Providing the most complete version of Windows:
Windows 7 is generally offered in 6 different editions, among which the Ultimate edition is the most complete and includes all the features of Windows 7.
2. Having the latest updates:
The package in front of you contains all the updates released for Windows 7 up to the mentioned date, and when installing, all the updates are installed automatically. This will make you face much smaller updates after installing Windows and save your time and money.
3. Without the slightest manipulation:
The prepared Windows does not have the slightest manipulation and no files from inside Windows are missing or added to it, because the authenticity of the packages placed for the PC download group is very important, as a result, it has been tried to make Windows exactly in the same style and style. The original should be presented.
4. Having the latest versions of Microsoft .NET Framework:
The latest version of this popular and essential Microsoft package along with all its updates is also included in the package and installed along with Windows.
5. Bringing USB3 drivers:
Most of the common USB3 drivers are also included in this Windows so that it is possible to install Windows via Flash for devices that do not have USB2 ports.
6. Including NVMe drivers:
Necessary NVMe drivers are included in the package to enable installation on newer laptops that only have NVMe SSDs; be provided
7. Incompatibility with UEFI systems:
In order to avoid confusion of users, it is not possible to install Windows in UEFI mode. So far, there is no proper tool to activate Windows 7 Ultimate, and if you install Windows as UEFI, you cannot activate it. Keep in mind that it is not possible to install Windows 7 on laptops that use 7th generation Intel (Kaby Lake) or AMD Ryzen processors, as well as later generations, and only Windows 10 can be installed.

Installation guide

1. After you have downloaded all the files, unzip them.
2. Burn the placed ISO file on a raw DVD with ISO Burner software or put it on a Flash by Rufus program.
3. Restart your computer and install Windows.
4. If it asks you for Serial during installation, click Skip.
5. Activate Windows by using the included Windows Loader activation tool.
– Install Windows only through Boot and do not run the Setup.exe file in the Windows environment.
– This version of Windows that is in front of you is the most complete version of Windows 7, the Ultimate version, which includes all updates.
– The 64-bit version of Windows installed cannot be installed on UEFI systems and GPT partitions due to the lack of a proper activation tool.
– This version of Windows has not been tampered with and nothing has been removed from Windows or added to it, but only all the updates have been added to it as well as the appropriate activation tool. As a result, this version of Windows is completely trusted and Its use is recommended to everyone.
– Most USB3 drivers are also included in this package to be compatible with systems that do not have USB2 ports.
– The latest tools necessary to activate and install Windows via DVD and USB are included in both packages.
– All files are compressed as much as possible and can be repaired with WinRAR software in case of incomplete download.

Required system

– 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.
– 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit).
– 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit).
– DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.
How to Download

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