Download openSUSE 42.3 x64 + 15.4 x64

NetSupport Manager نرم افزاری قدرتمند در زمینه کنترل و دسترسی از راه دور با قابلیت پشتیبانی PC و مدیریت دسکتاپ می باشد.

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openSUSE is a Linux distribution developed by the community-oriented OpenSUSE project and supported by SUSE and a number of other companies. This distribution is widely used all over the world and especially in Germany. Unlike all Linux distributions except Mandriva/Mageia, which have a similar tool called drakconf, OpenSuze and commercial distributions based on it provide a control center called Yast that gives the user the ability to control almost all sections and Configure and adjust various system services easily through a user interface. The user interface of this control center is provided in both textual (with ncurses) and graphical (with Qt and GTK+) modes and can be easily used in both graphical and non-graphical environments.
openSUSE supports i586, x86, and x64 architectures, as well as Blackbox, GNOME, KDE, IceWM, LXDE, Openbox, WMaker, and Xfce desktop environments.

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