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MONOPOLY Tycoon is the fifth official game of the Canadian studio Nvizzio Creations, Inc. It is for the Android operating system, which is made and designed as a free game. This game has been released with in-app payments. The popular Monopoly series of games produced by the English company Hasbro are the most popular board games and city building simulators. This series of games has a long history and in turn are among the first games made in this industry. Hasbro is one of the few big companies in the world of board games and recently video games, which now cooperates with other companies such as Nvizzio Creations, Inc. He started making more games. MONOPOLY Tycoon is one of these games whose main shares were for Hasbro company and its design responsibility for mobile devices was with Nvizzio Creations. In this article, we are going to introduce the Android version of this beautiful and lovely game to you friends at the same time as its release, and present its latest official version along with an exclusive modded version for download.
MONOPOLY Tycoon is adapted from a series of the same name, MONOPOLY, and has a similar but rather different style. While all the games related to Monopoly are mostly multiplayer games, MONOPOLY Tycoon game has a relatively specific structure, where new features can be seen. This game has a city building and individual development process rather than having a competitive and multiplayer mode like other games of this franchise. In the game MONOPOLY Tycoon, you play the role of a capitalist businessman who has just arrived in a new city and intends to invest in this city. At first you only have a small part of the city. You have to develop and expand your small town with business and management strategies. Like all tycoon style games, Monopoly has the ability to upgrade each part of the city in several levels. You can build different structures and manage each one separately. After starting the game, you can follow its educational section to get to know the general process. Your task is to build and develop the city and help its citizens. At the same time, you can use various investments in different parts of this city and earn money. Among the most important features of MONOPOLY Tycoon game is the possibility of traveling to different and big cities of the world to invest in them!

Required system

Android 8.1+

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