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PROJECT DRIFT 2.0 – PROJECT DRIFT 2 is the second game of the PROJECT DRIFT series from the Turkish studio BYCODEC GAMES, which was made after the impressive success of the first part of this series, as well as other games released from the PROJECT franchise, and released with numerous improvements. Once again, for the first time among all world sites, it introduced the latest version of this game and as soon as it was released on Google Play, it was prepared and presented with an exclusive modded version for free download. BYCODEC GAMES studio, apart from the PROJECT DRIFT series, also has another series of games called PROJECT OFFROAD, which includes two games PROJECT OFFROAD 20 and PROJECT:OFFROAD, which we also introduced in other articles from Darmesh, and you can click Refer to their names with their respective pages. While the PROJECT OFFROAD series had two games, BYCODEC GAMES decided to expand the PROJECT DRIFT series and make another version for it. This young but creative studio, focusing on the gameplay process and realistic physics, has tried to create a natural and special experience for the audience and fans of this style of games, and it must be said that to a great extent in Achieving this goal has been successful.
PROJECT DRIFT 2.0 is a clear example of a well-made game in the style of racing and simulation, and as the name suggests, this game is about drifting with sports cars. At the first look at the graphics of the game, you will notice something special, and that is its fantasy graphics, which are designed in the best possible way. Although this style of designs is more similar to fantasy and cartoon games than to graphic and natural and large-scale games, but exactly and contrary to imagination, this is the turning point of PROJECT DRIFT 2.0. It should be said that such an approach has allowed the developers to make the most of various graphic optimizations and to focus on gameplay and realistic physics. Therefore, it must be said that the game PROJECT DRIFT 2.0 is very attractive and professional, and unlike the cartoon appearance, you are dealing with a fully developed game and you will have a real and natural experience of car driving games in this title. In the game Project Drift 2, you can buy from several racing and sports cars and upgrade your car or apply various customizations to it and customize your car. After you have chosen and managed the car you want, you can go into the game and its stages and enjoy the drifting missions! The more skill you have in drifting and the more distance you drift, the more points you get. The game has different maps and various challenges and obstacles are used in the game. If you are a fan of car driving games, driving simulators and drifting competitions and you don’t want to spend hundreds of megabytes on massive games, PROJECT DRIFT 2.0 will be your best choice.

Required system

Android 6.0+

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هاست دامنه vps

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