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PUBG: NEW STATE – PUBG: The new state is another version of the popular and revolutionary PUBG collection, which finally, after months of waiting and many rumors, was finally officially released on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2021, and its global version is available. All Android players around the world are included. This game was available as pre-register and very limited before the official release, but after the global release date, it became publicly available to all players around the world. The Korean studio KRAFTON, Inc. is responsible for creating and publishing this game. have been. This game has been in development for more than two years and its creators have said that this game is going to provide players and fans of battle royale titles with the same experience as the original version of PUBG known as PUBG Mobile with many improvements. Simultaneously with the release of this game, Dharamesh has officially checked it and after necessary preparations, it has been tested and made available to you for free. So, if you are a fan of this game and like millions of other players around the world, you have counted the days for this game, stay with Farseroid in the future so that we can take a look at the features of this attractive and highly professional title. First of all, it is better not to forget that the game PUBG: NEW STATE – PUBG New State is not just a new update, but a completely independent game from the main game, PUBG Mobile. The creators of the game have claimed that in the new version of these games we are facing a new generation of battle royale games.
PUBG: NEW STATE has increased the revolutionary popularity of the PUBG game at a higher speed and with its new features and parts, it can steal the heart of every battle royale gamer! This game was waiting to be released for months, and this issue made millions of players in different parts of the world count the minutes for the release of this game. It may be hard to believe, but this game managed to cross 5 million downloads on Google Play in just a few hours after its release, and several million players joined it on the first day of release. This issue has caused you to wait only a few seconds to connect to one of the game servers and find a game with nearly 100 other players! Among the biggest significant changes of this game compared to the previous parts is the addition of stronger and faster servers and servers in different places. The game automatically detects your location and introduces you to a special suggested server.The game PUBG: NEW STATE – PUBG New State is designed with the same style as the previous episodes in the style of battle royale battles. The graphics of the game have been relatively improved, but the main style of the game remains the same. However, we see the addition of new sections, items and features in the gameplay. In this game, you can participate in battle royale battles with dozens of other players and compete with other players in exciting and sensitive battles in new and exciting maps. In making this game, KRAFTON studio has used a new smart graphic technology called global illumination, as a result of which the game’s graphic details and physical states have become more realistic. Therefore, it can be said that the game PUBG: NEW STATE is undoubtedly one of the most graphic and professional mobile games. Next, you can download this game for free from Darmesh download box and experience one of the most exciting mobile action games. Please read the points below carefully before downloading the game.
PUBG: NEW STATE Mobile game is online and cannot be played without internet.
The game is released without separate data and in the form of a large APK file. Therefore, the installation time of the game will be long.
In the first run of the game, you should receive separate data with variable volumes (between 200 and 300 MB) from within the game.
To install and run the game, Developers Option must be disabled on your Android device, otherwise you will not be allowed to run the game.
Currently, game servers are available for Iranian gamers without the need to change IP or use other applications.
The game has different servers and the ping of each one is written on them. Choose servers that have lower ping numbers.
This game is not hacked or modded in any way.

Required system

64-bit CPU (arm64=ARM64=AARCH64)
2 GB of RAM
Android 6.0
Support for Open GL 3.1 and Vulkan 1.1

How to Download

Download tutorial

هاست دامنه vps

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