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CarX Rally

CarX Rally – CarX Rally is another very beautiful and well-made game from the revolutionary and popular CarX series of games, which follows the success of the previous games of this series, including CarX Highway Racing and the CarX Drift Racing series of games, made for the Android operating system. It was published. The creator and publisher of these games is the Russian studio CarX Technologies, which has made and developed these titles with great delicacy and precision. At the end of 2020, this studio also unveiled a different game and released it under the name of CarX Rally. This game, as the name suggests, is a racing title in the style of rally racing. What makes CarX Rally extremely attractive is its exemplary graphics and natural gameplay that can make anyone fall in love with racing games and car driving, especially exciting rally competitions. daramesh is proud to announce that at the same time as the full and final version of this game is released on Google Play, it has been prepared and prepared separately with a mod version for download in a free and tested form so that you, dear ones, can enjoy a good game. Enjoy and challenge yourself to a fun challenge!
In the game CarX Rally, which is more than a simple racing style game, it is a very professional title in the style of rally racing simulator. Is. You have to participate in these competitions and try to win these competitions by recording the best possible record in its different sections. If you thought that Rally Car X is a simple game, think again because this game is a completely professional title for professional gamers. Everything in CarX Rally is built according to physical and realistic principles, and the slightest carelessness in your driving will lead to you going off the track and deducting points or even losing that race. So if you are not a professional and skilled person in this type of games and you do not have enough familiarity with challenging rally competitions and you are just looking for a fun and simple game, it is better to go for other games. In CarX Rally, your driving skills are measured in different conditions and on special roads that are special for rally races. You can have different and improved experiences in the game by purchasing and upgrading different cars. The main strength of the CarX Rally game, as mentioned, is its exemplary and detailed graphics. The many details of this game make this game at the level of a console title. Along with this excellent graphics and great attention to environmental designs, this is a unique, realistic and natural gameplay that brings you the feeling of a full-fledged game in the style of rally races. You can change the amount of graphics and camera view from the settings section of the game controller type to experience this game professionally. So don’t delay and go to the download section of daramesh Box and download the latest version of the attractive and graphic game Rally Car X from the direct and fast servers of the site and enjoy this exciting game as much as you can!
Note: To run the game without problems, you must allow the necessary access to the game from the phone settings.

Required system

Android 6.0+

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