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War Robots

War Robots. 6v6 Tactical Multiplayer Battles is a popular and very exciting game in the style of online action games for Android devices, which was released by Pixonic LLC for free on the Play Store and has been played millions of times by Android users all over the world. The world has received and is considered one of the best! This game, which was first released for the iOS operating system, was chosen as one of the best games in the App Store, in which you will be in a group of six robots who must fight with other robots in a full-scale war. Participate and experience exciting moments with your friends around the world! War Robots will introduce you to the new generation of online and team games for Android, in which you destroy all enemy robots and upgrade your war equipment and weapons by looting their resources and valuables. Increase the ability of the length of the fight and the speed and durability of your robots! Prove your strength in different maps and maps and win with unique strategies and tactics and experience one of the best online Android games! By installing the War Robots Android game update; On your tablet or phone, you can experience an online action game with epic and fierce battles, in which you control your armored war robot, which is as tall as a tower, and kill anyone who gets in your way. destroy
In the War Robots game, it is possible to form a group with online players from around the world or your friends. By creating a group, you can fight in six-on-six (6v6) battles to prove your superiority. Whether you decide to destroy your enemies from a distance with the cannons that your robots are equipped with, or to use your rifle and participate in closer battles, or to attack the enemy’s defensive area and shoot them all down. And it all depends on you! There are dozens of powerful robots with special abilities and skills in the game that you, as a player, can use and win your battles with their help, of course, dozens of unique weapons are also available to you. You can take advantage of them. By winning battles, you get points and money to buy items. Graphics, sound, gameplay and details of the game have been created in the best possible way and if you are a fan of action games, especially robot battles, you will be amazed by its wonderful construction and you will enjoy playing it.
Some features of War Robots Android action game:
More than 30 robots with unique powers
More than 80 different types of weapons to use
Combining weapons and robots to create a strong machine!
The possibility of creating alliances with friends and increasing excitement
Complete missions to get points and rewards
HD graphics with exciting sound and good controller

Required system

Android 5.0+

How to Download

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