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Parted Magic is a set of professional software for formatting internal and external hard drives and working with partitions. Using this software, you can transfer, copy, create, increase and decrease the volume of hard disk partitions. Parted Magic software package allows you to perform various operations on the partition along with support for all types of systems. Parted Magic software is a live disk for partitioning operations, disk cloning and data recovery. Hard disk test, memory test for bad sectors, performance rating of your computer, access to non-bootable systems to save important information, run from CD without installation, increase hard disk safety, complete cleaning of hard disk information, etc. It is one of the other features of this software.
Parted Magic in the collection includes 70 different tools for checking the status of drives, copying and archiving information from different file systems including ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs +, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, xfs , reiserfs, reiser4 support.
Features of Parted Magic software:
Live disk for hard disk partitioning
Format external and internal hard drives
Move, copy, create, delete, extend and shrink hard disk partitions
Edit the partition table
Create a full backup
Hard disk testing
Tool to create and verify FAT partition integrity
Tools for working with NTFS partitions
This set runs from DVD or Flash and in boot mode and does not need to be installed

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