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JRiver Media Center is a software for viewing images, playing movies and music, which with this brief definition found the power and flexibility of this software, and interestingly, this is a part of the work that this software does. By using this software and by connecting your computer to some home entertainment devices, you will be able to control these devices using the remote. Also, for example, it is able to load the desired music on the ipod while you are watching TV. The environment of this software is designed in such a way that you can easily use this software. Among other tasks of this software, in addition to playing and viewing all kinds of movies, music and images, managing and organizing audio and video files, burning such files and copying these files from all types of discs in any format to the hard disk. is.
Features of JRiver Media Center software
Ability to view all popular image formats
Ability to manage and edit images
Support for most popular music and video formats
Ability to create personal playlists of favorite songs
The ability to copy all kinds of music files, movies and photos from CDs and DVDs on the computer
Ability to burn in the software environment only by dragging and dropping desired files
The ability to search and download all audio and video files from sites such as Google and YouTube, etc. without leaving the software environment
It is possible to view images in slide mode and play your favorite music
Actoin window to quickly perform some actions such as burning
Support for tools with Remote controller
Possibility of automatic review of folders and entry of all contents of folders into the software
Ability to play 2D and 3D effects while playing music
The possibility of connecting to television and other devices such as most cameras and mp3 players, etc.
The ability to record TV programs and review them again through the software
Internal database that contains information such as title and names of songs and can be edited by the user
The accompanying CD Labeler software for designing all kinds of CD covers and labels
The ability to add different skins and functional plugins to the software through the website of the manufacturer
And …

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
How to Download

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