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Virtual Display Manager is a practical software for managing the virtual display of systems equipped with 1 or more monitors, which enables the user to create and apply custom display configurations. The Virtual Display Manager program can increase the productivity of those who work with a large number of windows open at the same time, whether on systems equipped with a single monitor or multiple monitors. It can easily create a display configuration to divide each physical screen into several work areas, allowing you to arrange the opened windows according to the imposed layout. This way, you avoid minimizing different windows to find your way to the desktop or the desired application.
Working with Virtual Display Manager software is simple, because it includes a set of predefined settings that can meet the needs of each user. In addition, it allows you to use existing configurations that you have already used and saved, and you can split each physical monitor into 16 separate displays.

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
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