House Flipper 1.172 – “house renovation” simulation game for Android + mod

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House Flipper: Home Design, Renovation Games is another title made in the style of simulation from the tasteful and creative PlayWay SA studio in Poland, which was made for free and released for Android devices on Google Play. This studio is known for making simulation style games and has developed various games such as Hotel Dracula, Ultimate Fishing Simulator, Cooking Simulator Mobile or the Car Mechanic Simulator game series until today. Simultaneously with the release of another different game from this studio on Google Play, daramesh has prepared and reviewed it and as soon as it is ready, it has been presented for free download. House Flipper: Home Design, Renovation Games is the first title in the style of renovation and home decoration design games from this game company. But this game is completely different from any similar title with such a name and it has a completely unique and special experience for you that you have seen in few mobile games. While almost all house design and decoration style games are designed in a simple and common way and players follow the game from the top view and in a strategic mode, in House Flipper this time the main style of the game is completely different and you have to Follow the game from the first person view and this time you have the right to move freely in different places!
In the game House Flipper: Home Design, Renovation Games, unlike other similar games in the same genre, the responsibilities of the players are not limited to buying and placing a series of items, and now you really have to act as a professional repairman and the tasks and responsibilities You have many! The game starts with you playing the role of a skilled repairman and designer buying abandoned houses, the need for repair, etc. In the role of this character, you have to enter the house from the first person view and do various things to restore it. Of course, your first task should be cleaning and collecting garbage and such. So you have to get down to business and do it carefully. In the next section, you can clean the walls and paint the surfaces, and finally start replacing different parts and buying new items so that the damaged and needing repair house that you bought will turn into a beautiful and stylish house. After that you are able to sell the house. You can also sell extra items in the house while you are renovating to get more money to buy new things. House Flipper: Home Design, Renovation Games gives you a whole new experience. Everything in this game is simulated in 3D and has given it a very special charm. To download this game, you can first take a look at the trailer video of the game to see the gameplay style and graphics of the game, and after that, if you want, you can get the latest version of the game from the download section of daramesh Box. It should be mentioned that the game House Flipper: Home Design, Renovation Games, with a score of 4.6 out of 5.0, has been able to attract the opinion of many contacts and players interested in this style of games.

Required system

Android 5.0+

How to Download

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