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دانلود رایگان نسخه کامل دانلود Avanquest InPixio Photo Eraser v8.0.0 - نرم‌افزار حذف پس زمینه های ناخواسته در تصاویر

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Avanquest InPixio Photo Eraser is the name of a new software that gives you the ability to remove the objects you want from your images. Have you ever wanted to remove an object from a photo, without any problem with the background? Are you tired of taking pictures with unwanted backgrounds? Imagine that you are capturing a memorable image and suddenly, a pedestrian behind you, causes your image to be ruined. In such a case, you need a tool that can remove such annoying marks from your images. InPixio Photo eRaser was developed for exactly this purpose! With the help of this software, you can easily delete your favorite objects from the images!
All that is required is that you decide which objects you want to delete. Select it and remove it from your image with one click! If you notice that the background is uneven or unnatural, just use a special tool to change it to normal. We all sometimes like to have a wonderful and memorable image, in some cases the presence of some objects or people randomly, may disappoint you from this image. But with the help of InPixio Photo eRaser software, such issues are no longer a problem! Now you can download the latest version of InPixio Photo eRaser software from the Yas download site.
Key features of InPixio Photo eRaser software:

  • Ability to remove logos, objects, writings, numbers, watermarks, etc.
  • The possibility of completely removing the background of images
  • Having a tool to smooth the backgrounds
  • Complete removal of objects naturally with one click
  • Having internal software training for quick learning
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