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Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat Clubhouse is a social network based on audio chats that was published by By Alpha Exploration Co. on Google Play. Recently, a lot of noise has been heard about a new social network; A special social media that has even managed to attract the attention of Elon Musk. Of course, this attention of the giant of the technology world became the main reason for the rapid popularity of this social network among people. Clubhouse was first released in March 2020. The developers of this social network are Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, who never imagined that they could compete with the biggest social networks in the world. Clubhouse had just 1,500 users in May 2020 and was valued at $100 million. But in the past months, when Elon Musk was a guest of a live conversation on this social network, Clubhouse became more popular than before and caused a lot of controversy. As of February 1, 2021, Club House has more than 2 million users and is added to these users day by day. Although we have to point out that the initial enthusiasm for using it has died down, but still users are very enthusiastic about using this social media. Anyway, as you know, Club House was first released for the IOS operating system, but now we plan to provide you with the official Android version.
Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat is a newly emerging social network with various features
As we mentioned in the above explanations, one of the main reasons for the success of Club House is its special communication method. Users are constantly looking for changes and new features, and anything catches their attention. Club House with its wonderful communication system was able to attract the attention of millions of people in the shortest possible time. Communicating on the basis of voice conversations is what delighted the users. In Clubhouse chat rooms, no text is exchanged between users and only voices are heard. Clubhouse conversations are just like listening to a podcast; A podcast that is being broadcast live; But with the difference that you can also participate in the conversations of this podcast. Maybe some people consider the way this social media works like Twitch; But we must point out that in the club house after the closing of the chat rooms, no traces of these conversations will be left. This issue has caused even many companies to use the clubhouse to hold various conferences and meetings.
Access to various chat rooms in the clubhouse
When you join the Clubhouse social network, first of all you have to choose your interests. Careful selection of these favorites will help you have better offers to join different rooms when using this startup. Normally, whenever you run this social network, you will be faced with a list of different chat rooms; These rooms are constantly changing. Contrary to what you think, by entering any chat room, you are not immediately able to participate in discussions, but it is the administrators of each group who can give you permission to speak and comment. Like other social networks such as Instagram, you can follow other users or send them an invitation to join the room created by you!
How to join the clubhouse
One of the most controversial topics related to Clubhouse is the membership method. Unlike other social networks that we use daily, joining Clubhouse Android is not easy at all. Somehow, to join this social network, you must first receive a special invitation from one of the users so that you can finally join the group of users. During membership, a firecracker symbol will be displayed on your personal page, which is a sign that you are new to the Club House. In addition, Clubhouse was initially released only for the iOS operating system, which many critics dismissed as a kind of luxury! Although, if you want to know our personal opinion, it was a special policy, because the Android version was released exactly when Clubhouse users were dropping and there were many reports about it.
Some features and capabilities of Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat Android program:
A wonderful social network based on voice conversations
Participation in various discussions and conversations
Create your own profile with the possibility of following other users
Providing various suggestions when viewing the list of chat rooms
The possibility of creating chat rooms without any restrictions
Show new users joining the room
A set of management options to monitor the created ROMs
Ability to send invitations to your friends to join your chat rooms
Classification of all chat rooms in different groups
Protecting the privacy of users and preventing the storage of sounds

Required system

Android 8.0+

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