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Abelssoft CryptBox is a very powerful tool to protect and lock your personal files in Windows. You can lock your important files such as photos, videos, electronic documents and many other files with the help of this software. This program uses the AES-256 algorithm to encode files, which is one of the most complex and reliable algorithms in this field. Also, another feature of this software is adding a safe security drive to the list of Windows drives to which you can transfer all your files and then lock the desired drive with one click. Some of the features CryptBox
The ability to lock and protect all types of computer files.
Create a safe secure drive to transfer data to.
The possibility of transferring encrypted information to portable memories and compact discs.
The ability to delete important files so that they cannot be recovered.
Support AES-256 algorithm to lock files.
And …

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
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