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WiFiSpoof is a simple but useful software for testing network security or bypassing specific network restrictions on Mac OS. Using the WiFiSpoof program, you can change your MAC address by pressing a key and without using the command line. Changing the system’s default MAC address can be used to help bypass some specific restrictions. This simple program is designed for Mac and can assign a new random MAC address to the device in the Wi-Fi network. It is also possible to return these settings at any time. Once running, WiFiSpoof adds a simple menu to the notification bar and opens a small window where you can see your default hardware address, generate a new random address, and quickly change it.
Note that you must have created a password for the system administrator account to be able to use this feature. Inside the software’s settings window, you can choose whether or not HEX values ​​to generate random addresses can have lowercase letters. At the same time, you can specify whether the address is chosen randomly or a password is used for authentication as soon as the system starts.

Required system

  • macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
How to Download

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