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NetWorx is a simple and free software, at the same time, it is a powerful tool that helps to evaluate your bandwidth situation objectively. You can use it to collect bandwidth data and measure internet speed or other internet connections. NetWorx can help identify potential network problems and ensure that you are not exceeding the bandwidth limit set by your ISP, as well as be aware of suspicious network activity that is a hallmark of Trojan horses and hacker attacks. This program allows you to take control of the Internet or all network connections or a specific network (such as Ethernet or PPP). The software has the features of a dedicated video system and audio warning. You can set it to alert you when the network connection is interrupted or some suspicious and unexpected activity occurs such as heavy data flow. You can also set it to automatically disconnect all dialup connections and even shut down the system.
NetWorx software capabilities
Ability to schedule and upload and download files
The ability to view your internet connections and users with the netstat command
The ability to schedule the user’s use of the Internet and automatic disconnection
Speed ​​counter to accurately measure downloads and report average speed
Ability to display daily, weekly, monthly, yearly consumption
Providing a report of the time and date of connection to the network every day
It has a tool to display consumption when using the Internet in a graphical way
Detect suspicious network activity on your computer
Perform simple network testing such as ping and route tracing
Internet connection speed test and control
Detect suspicious network activity on your computer
It records any sending and receiving of information
The ability to prepare reports on the screen or in HTML, Excel,…
Stopwatch function to accurately record the amount of information sent and received between a period of time
Compatible with all Dial-Up, Cable, ADSL, Ethernet connections
Programmable for automatic alarm
Ability to program for automatic disconnection
Ability to manage ADSL contract
Accurate calculation of sending and receiving information
Show the software that is using the Internet
The incoming and outgoing traffic is displayed in a line chart and saved in a file so that you can always see the daily, weekly and monthly statistics of your bandwidth and connection time. These reports can be exported to one of several formats including HTML, MS Word and Excel for further analysis.

Required system

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • macOS 10.12 or later
How to Download

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