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Emperor-OS Linux 2.5 LTS
Emperor-OS Linux 2.5 LTS

Linux Emperor is a Linux distribution based on ubuntu mini 20.04 LTS designed for beginners and professional users. Emperor-OS is available for everyone with five free desktops for laptops and PCs, easy to use. It is a complete set of tools for programmers, developers and data science in one ISO file. Linux Emperor has more than 200 important programs and tools all in one ISO file for data analysis programmers. It is a complete Linux operating system, customized via CD, USB flash drive, hard disk or other bootable storage media. It is a 64-bit ISO distribution and has five custom desktops. It also supports multiple programming languages ​​and development tools. This distribution can be run live and can also be installed on your computer.
The OS has more than 500 apps divided into 20 categories for programming and data science. It is a complete Linux operating system configured to run from a CD, USB flash drive, hard disk, or other bootable storage media. It has 64-bit ISO and has 7 desktops. In addition, it supports multiple programming languages, frameworks, and development tools. This distribution runs as a live ISO file and can also be installed on your computer. is a non-commercial, special-purpose Linux distribution designed for beginners and power users working with programming, development, big data and data analysis tools, and graphic designers.
This operating system has useful tools for programmers, designers and data science users and can also be used as a desktop distribution. In addition, it has a custom grub boot menu with kernel 5.10, with Plymouth, a custom login window with 7 different desktops, It is for user. It also has quick launch and program search tools, seven pre-installed and pre-configured desktops XFCE, LXDE, Box Open, plasma KDE, Mate. It has two browsers for the web, 20 groups of programming tools, design and data science, forty fun games, and includes many graphics and file management tools. You can manage e-mail, rip CDs and watch videos, play music, burn CDs and DVDs, manage and organize images. It has the office suite including libreoffice. This distribution has many settings and peripherals. Everything What you can do with other operating systems as a desktop distribution, you can also do in this distribution.

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