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Burp Suite Pro
Burp Suite Pro

Burp Suite is an integrated software for checking and testing the security of software in the network. The various tools of this program work seamlessly together to complete all stages of security testing, from initial planning to detecting the risk level of various software, finding viruses, and fixing network security flaws and weaknesses. Burp software is easy to use and productive, so that a first-time user will find it easy to use. This program can be used in any situation and has numerous and efficient features to help most professional and experienced users. Burp software gives you full control, combining basic techniques with the most advanced automation tools, faster and more efficient execution, and fun to work with.
Some features of Burp Suite software
It allows you to review and reduce the amount of data between your browser and the target application
Stealth inspection, to quietly check the content and performance of applications
Advanced network scanner, to discover and identify various types of deficiencies and weaknesses
Cleaning tool, for targeted and powerful attack on bugs and fixing unusual damage
Repeater tool, to re-execute and send specific requests
Sequencing tool, for random testing of inputs, the ability to save your actions and continue working at another time, the power of expansion, the possibility of running your desired attachments, performing very specific and complex tasks in the Burp program.
Description: The format of the software is Java, and to install and run it, Java SE Runtime version 10 and above must be installed on your Windows.

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