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WaterGEMS is a comprehensive software to help decision making, design and analysis of water distribution network, which is an advanced version of WaterCAD product from Bentley Software Company. The WaterGems program is equipped with many tools to increase the reliability, efficiency and increase the facilities of the bearing system and has the ability to identify possible problems in the system. Given that realistic modeling of water systems is difficult, using the capabilities of WaterGems software enables accurate modeling of water pumps, pump optimization strategies, and programs for common functions such as shutdown to minimize Failure to do. In addition, when the need for water flow infrastructure with new examples of certainty is needed, many old infrastructures have commonalities with future systems, and repeating these things is very tedious and illogical.
WaterGems software helps you with tools such as plumbing reassembly and eliminating many repetitive tasks, thereby increasing the speed of decision-making by engineers in the field.
Features of WaterGEMS software
Analysis of piping system and critical control points
Improvement of the system in terms of protection against heat flows
Ability to create and manage hydraulic models
Complete design of water distribution network
The possibility of making a map to create water injection
The ability to detect water leaks
Energy Management
Faucets on a priority basis
Network simulation to be in the moment

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