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PHP Tools is a utility plugin that integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and extends it with support for the PHP language. The PHP Tools plugin is focused on developer productivity. PHP Tools provides intelligent code completion, quick navigation, error checking, code detection, code formatting, integrated PHP help, project system, debugging support, and more.
Features of PHP Tools for Visual Studio
Highlighting – reading the code using color
Code Validation – Check your code as typed
Intellisense – Use intelligent assistance
Jump to any definition from any point
Refactoring – Identification of integrated identifiers
Smarty Templating – experience working with the Smarty editor
The best TWIG editor
Get help with your Laravel page
PHPDOC Support – Easily document your code
Find out about runtime issues in your code
Debug code running on a remote server
Faster iteration
HTML editor
Faster code generation
Check all project errors in one place
Test your code automatically
Manage and customize your project
Publish your project to a remote server with one click

How to Download

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