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KeePassXC is a practical, free and compact password management software that allows storing passwords in an encrypted database. The features and capabilities of KeePassXC program include the ability to save passwords in the cloud, support for automatic typing, and the ability to create passwords. The popularity of using password management programs has increased day by day and the reason is clear. These programs allow the use of complex passwords without the need to memorize them, and the use of this category of programs is essential for people who only use one password for different accounts.
Some features of KeePassXC software
Secure storage of passwords and other personal information using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and ChaCha20 or Twofish encryption.
Compatible with KeePass2, KeePassX, MacPass, KeeWeb and KDBX 3.1 and 4.0 file formats
Ability to read CSV from other password management programs (LastPass)
The best program for managing and creating passwords
The ability to check the level of password security
Browser integration with Google Chrome, Chromium-based browsers (Opera, Vivaldi) and Mozilla Firefox

Required system

Operation Systems
  • Windows 7/8.1/10/11
How to Download

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