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PasswordsPro helps you to hash all passwords in the shortest possible time. This program is able to decode 30 types of hashed passwords.
A hash can be considered as a digital fingerprint of a data. With this method, you can obtain a fixed-length string from a data that is “one-way” encrypted with mathematical methods. It is almost impossible to efficiently discover the original string from its hash string (reverse operation). Another point is that each data creates a completely unique hashed string (the probability of the hash strings of two different strings being the same in the MD5 algorithm is one in 3.4028236692093846346337460743177e+38.. These properties make hashing in an efficient and idea way. Al converts to store passwords in your programs. Why? Because even if a hacker can break into your system and database and obtain part of your information (including hashed passwords) ) cannot recover the original passwords from them.
Features of PasswordsPro software:
7 types of attacks to recover passwords to hashes
Easy and fast handling of large hash lists
Recover passwords up to 127 characters long
Password recovery for any type of incomplete hash string
Recover passwords in Unicode
Support for third-party hashing modules developed by the developer
Support for using plugins
Edit user hashes and other data
Add a hash to a list from a text file using a dialog window or clipboard
Copy the hash string and found passwords to the clipboard
Output hash string to text file or HTML
Ability to search the list of users with a hash string
Check existing passwords against all users or selected users in the list
Checking user hashes and passwords
Hash index sorting
Automatic accumulation of passwords found in the file “PasswordsPro.dic”
Support for “hidden” operating mode – when the program appears on the taskbar
Generate random passwords with specified parameters
And …

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